ACCENT MAINTENANCE LTD ®2016© We’d like to introduce you to Accent Maintenance Ltd - your friendly local company dealing with all aspects  of property maintenance. We are available to do anything from small handyman jobs through to complete re-fits  and refurbishments. Emergency call outs are no problem – we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week!   Wall and Floor Tiling Floor Tiling Service in Cambridge and surrounding areas Floor tiling is one of the area that many people pay less attention to when hiring a person to do it for them. Our  experience to the moment has shown that there are a lot of cases when only a short period after the tiling has been  accomplished, the floor looks as it needs a renovation - the gaps are not even or not regularly filled, grout is crack, tiles are not even, tiles are shaking and so on. A word of advice on Floor Tiling: - It is very important that the sub floor to be prepared well and the correct adhesive is used for the different type of sub floor. - We do recommend that you get professional advise before laying floor tiles yourself. - As you may know, tiling is a dirty job that could make your life a mess for a week, so it's well worth getting Accent  Maintenance to do it for you. Accent Maintenance possesses all the professional equipment and expertise needed to fulfill a floor tiling task, no matter the size and the purpose of the room. Accent Maintenance take good care of details and work on the customer's property as if it were their own - no compromise with the quality of the job and time schedule followed to the hour. Wall Tiling Service in Cambridge and surrounding areas As already mentioned floor tiling is a serious task and it is not in your favour to deal with it unprofessionally. When tiling a floor one has to take into  account only the horizontal floor surface while wall tiling demands more attention. It is definitely more difficult to “hide” wall imperfections. Wall tiling has some very important prerequisites in order to achieve the best results. Most of all we have to confirm that the tiling surface is smooth, even, and prepared for the tile glue mixture. It is absolutely not advised to tile over wall paper, and it is also not advisable to put tiles over gloss paints. Accent Maintenance offers not only the wall tiling service, but also the preparation, so we can guarantee the best results. Please give us a call or send us an email about any jobs you need doing or any projects you may wish to discuss. We take care of everything, and remember the price we quote is the price you pay – no hidden charges here! Call us now on 01223 398923 or 07999 456349. PROPERTY MAINTENANCE YOU CAN TRUST!  01223 398923 07999 456349